Hey Guys!!! I can't believe it's finally here...dance apparel we can wear anywhere!
Coming from a dance background/career (Movies,Tours, Award Shows, Television, Music Videos), I've always struggled with finding something to wear that fits the days schedule. I needed something fly, comfy, unique, bold, edgy, sexy, sporty and movable to dance in all at the same damn time! That's where the VVIVIIVIII idea came about.

The logo VVIVIIVIII means 5-6-7-8 (the only four numbers any dancer ever needs to know lol) in roman numerals. These numbers symbolize the importance of foundation and structure with the freedom of your next step being your best step!...COUNT ME IN! I'm ready. Count Me in...I'm There. Count Me in...I'm here to give it all I've got! 

I hope you enjoy the fun styles that are coming as much as my team and I did creating them! I believe through dance we are all equal and we can wear this brand with pride. Dress how you want to feel! 

One Love, Candice :)